Welcome To Successapedia

Welcome to Successapedia

Successapedia is an evolving niche content aggregator. What's that? Well it all starts with picking a narrow enough area of knowledge and then stuffing it on a wiki. Where a site like Wikipedia aims on getting it all in one place at a high level we focus more narrowly and go deep. We apply a more rigorous filter on what is allowed on the site based on what we like. Pretty arbitrary criteria we know but we have to start somewhere and you can have your say later.

We have choosen business and personal success as our focus. We have filtered through hundreds of books, watched countless hours of video, and attended too many seminars. From that we have developed a starter kit of our must-read, must-see, must-do information for anyone interested in business or personal success. The filtered knowledge is then stored on a wiki where it can evolve & grow based on community involvement.

We have chosen the WIki and Forum formats as we know we have not included everything, and we certainly don't have it all right. We are open to debate on the merits of any piece of content and particularly interested if there is better info somewhere else. We see this as only a starting point for a content set that we hope will change and grow as the times do.

We try as hard as possible to attribute content back to its originators. However in this domain that gets very dicey. Whether Aristotle was saying it before Vincent Van Peale can be hard to determine. If you see an error or omission please let us know and we will do our best to correct it quickly.

This is a non profit - non revenue - operation. We talk a lot about getting and giving in these pages and this just one of our givebacks that we hope helps some folks. You should know that we have added links to places where you can buy things. We receive no commission/affiliate revenues and are only trying to help you find things. It's a pretty high endorsement from us when we do/allow it. We are trying to ensure you invest your money wisely as this information domain has a lot of places to throw money, and time down a hole.

We start with defining success. The working definition of success can be found here.



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