About Successapedia

::Successapedia was designed to help members of our community build a self-sustaining and evergrowing repository of the tools and techniques of success. The site was designed as a way to filter to the top only the best materials. Bigwave After reading and/or viewing literally thousands of books, websites, power points, and videos we hope that the wiki serves as a way to help save time and effort for anyone looking to improve themselves.

The site is geared towards success in business. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a career professional this site should be a starting point for you in building yourself into something better. While you will surely find things here that will help your marriage, your health, and your outlook on life the emphasis is on business.

Successapedia is an aggregation tool. A place to start your journey as a jumping-off point. By using the power of the crowd we hope to pull in the best of the best and leave to leave the rest. By placing the best materials in one place we feel we can add value to the lives of many by helping quickly guide them to what they need.

While business is our main thrust you will find many materials to help inspire and motivate you. You'll find ways to have a richer fuller life with better connections to the people that matter you as well.

We thank ahead of time all those who contribute their knowledge to help others. Know that anything you share on Succesapedia should be rights free. We strive, as you should as well, to attribute material to the amazing people that created it. Members can rest well knowing that their expertise will go out to help the world at large.

We are big believers in service based leadership and Successapedia is our contribution to doing just that. Your contributions to the site will do likewise and we thank you for pitching in to help others find success and happiness.

We admit it. We love a good quote so we start you off with one that inspired the creation of site from Eleanor Roosevelt.

"You will always get more than you give as long as you ask for nothing in return."

Enjoy the site and best wishes for an awesome life that is filled with success. And with that perhaps we should define success.